tisdag 2 februari 2010

All About Kids, my weekly summary

This week my baby got his first tooth and my six-year-old lost his first.

This week I finally made my little babyboy to eat a full spoon of porridge, after two weeks refusing it Mommy goes YES!

This weekend my oldest child had a basketball cup. Her team ended up in second place, which I think is great. It was their first real game ever as a team!

My big boy is training karate twice a week and he is really looking forward to grade in it.

Daddy and Mommy by Puddeludding

Daddy and Mommy by Snotti

We have been drawing some and skating some. My kids cousin went with us to skate for his very first time. He really enjoyed it.

It has been a really calm week and a funny weekend with Mommy and all kids playing Guitar Hero and discovering the WiiFit-board! WiiFit is da shit! We just loves it.

(Clicking the links means that you can read more about it in Swedish, I have a translator as a gadget on the sidebar too now)

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Stacie sa...

Way to go on the second place for Basketball that is awesome. My oldest was in Karate and he loved it. Loved the pictures and the drawings. My youngest son LOVES Guitar Hero.