lördag 30 januari 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday #89

Today I'm going to show you some photos from when we were skating the other day.

Three shadows from one skater.

This photo is cut out from another photo. When I saw the cool shadows from my little boy I just had to get it into this post.

Shadows from the goal (with my little daughter in the background)

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6 kommentarer:

Sylvia K sa...

Marvelous, shadowy captures, Shannara! Looks as though the young ones are having fun! The goal looks as though it's yearning for a little warm weather action! Enjoy your weekend!


Ralph sa...

A wonderful memory of your son, who skates with authority. The goal is unattended, let us think of when his first goal is a slap shot, the result of a perfect pass and his determination!

Cassie sa...

Wonderful shadow shots!!

Guy D sa...

The second pic of the hockey net is one of my alltime favourite shadow shots. BRAVO!!!!

All the best
Regina In Pictures

Hey Harriet sa...

These are very cool shots!

Greyscale Territory sa...

Interesting winter shadows!