fredag 26 mars 2010

Shannara's SaturdayMix #4 - Round

Welcome to the fourth Shannara's SaturdayMix, the photomeme where I make the rules! ;) I'm so happy to see that the participants almost reached twenty last time, let's beat that record now!

This is a photomeme that everybody is welcome to join whether you use your cellphone or the best camera on the market to take your pictures.

The Rules!
  1. I give you a theme every saturday. (The meme is open from saturday to friday which give you time to get a photo that you are satisfied with.)
  2. Then you make a post with the theme in your blog and links back to this post. (Remember to keep it clean, no pornography)
  3. Come back here and sign up in the MckLinky-list below. Remember to use the link with the URL to your post and NOT your main blogadress.
  4. Have fun, visit each other!!! (That's the most important step of them all, to have fun!)
So, let's play!

This weeks theme is ROUND (from circle to sphere). Remember, the sky is the limit, use your imagination!

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Cecilia Artista sa...

Det blev visst lite strul med min bild. Mitt bidrag finns ju på hemsidan men är inte med på listan här!