fredag 12 mars 2010

Shannara's SaturdayMix #2 - Ice

Hello everybody!

Want to join a new photomeme where I make the rules? Well, thought so, or at least I hope so. =)

Just a few simple rules
  1. I'll give you a theme
  2. You puts up a post in your blog with TWO photos on the given theme and links back to my blog
  3. Then you comes back here and signs up in the MckLinky-list below
  4. Have fun, visit each other and of course everyone is welcome, just remember when you put up your post, kids are watching too

Please come play with me. ;)

This weeks theme is ICE. Ice in the nature, ice as art or just ice in a drink, use your imagination, the sky is the limit!

3 kommentarer:

Marie Höglund sa...

Vad kul att du har startat upp en fotokedja också. Hinner inte delta denna lördag tyvärr. Är i full färd med packning för skidresa en vecka framåt. Återkommer :-) Ha så gott!

MrKallangs sa...

Jätte rolig ide ställer upp direkt =)

Vicky sa...

Your idea is great and I would like to participate, but I cannot follow your second rule. If you make it with one photo in the future, I will be more than happy to join you!!! In the mean time, have fun!!!!